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uh oh..just came across this article

I’m calling bullshit on this “new finding”

I cross-react to things that are “theoretically ok,” and the tiniest amount of cross-contamination that won’t even show up on a tester. All of my symptoms are intense, physical, and immediate.

I’ve been on and off coffee many times, NEVER have had I had a remote reaction.

This article is shady as fuck. It doesn’t site it’s sources or explain it’s “science” at all. And it advertises some “expensive lab testing” right in the article? SMH.

The article fails to mention typical side-effects of coffee unrelated to celiac, including : it’s acidic which can cause an upset stomach, and withdrawal can lead to migraines, it can effect blood sugar levels, and overuse has significant side effects like shaking, insomnia, anxiety, etc.

Prove to me that coffee is the most powerful cross-reactor to gluten, don’t just say it with no explanation, and expect me to believe a silly article over my own years of experience.

Real coffee advice for celiacs : First make sure your brand is NOT cross-contaminated. Next, to decrease the acidity of coffee that may cause stomach problems, use the darkest roast you can find, drink it fresh, and make it in a french press. Making it half-caff can also prevent overuse of caffeine. BAM

That and coffee, no matter what ailments have you, if you drink it (no sugar, cream or whatever you put in it) is a powerful antioxident and can provent certain cancers. There is nothing wrong with coffee. My source for this is FDA and Dr. Oz. Not nessicarily (sp?) credible, but it was on one of his shows. (I know, waaaayy off topic so don’t be mad at me, but just thought it was worth mentioning.)